The Ship Amundsena Returned to Norway 100 Years Later

The schooner “Mod” was brought to Norway, where the famous navigator Roald Amundsen (1872-1928) planned to reach the North Pole. This is reported by the newspaper Aftenposten.

The conquest of the North Pole has always remained the dream of Amundsen, who is famous for having first reached the South Pole in 1911. Amundsen began swimming in June 1916, hoping that the “Mod” would freeze in the Arctic ice and thus reach its destination, but after six years of unsuccessful attempts went to Alaska and sold the ship. Until 1930, the “Mod” delivered goods to Canada, and in 1930 the schooner sank near the polar island of Victoria.

The ship lay at the bottom from 1930 until 2016, until it was brought to the surface by the activists of the Maud project returning home and were not driven back to the port in Greenland. Now the schooner has finally arrived in Bergen.

“The fact that Maud finally returned to Norway after 100 years is fantastic,” said project manager Jan Vangaard. “We are infinitely happy and proud to see Maud at home after all these years.”

The project participants noted that the vessel was in good condition and successfully transported the voyage across the North Atlantic. The interior of the schooner was cleaned more than a month from sand and silt. During the work, the specialists discovered many items of historical value.

The Ship Amundsena 100 Years Later Returned to Norway

The activists plan to repair the ship and open a permanent exhibition in the new museum in the port of Vollen in the province of Akershus, where it was built in 1916. “Mod” should arrive there on August 18. Two other Amundsen polar vessels – “Joa” and “Fram” – are in the Norwegian Maritime Museum in Oslo.



Source: Maritime News of Russia