The Sentinel, Ready for the Fight Against Piracy in Guinea

The patrolman has successfully concluded in Cartagena his specific operational qualification to face the mission.

The Navy has reported that the Sentinel patrol boat has already docked at the Ferrol Arsenal after finishing its operational qualification in Cartagena waters.

The vessel, which has been out of its base port for fifteen days, has been assessed for specific capabilities for its next African deployment in the Gulf of Guinea. Emphasis has been placed on those procedures related to anti-piracy and threat of defence against fast boats.

The patrol vessel plans to begin its deployment in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea on August 16, during a period of four months, in which it will sail along the west coast of Africa contributing to the strengthening of the maritime security of this region and strengthening relations diplomatic with the countries of the area.

As indicated from the Navy “the Gulf of Guinea is one of the places in the world where the phenomena of piracy and armed robbery can destabilize global security.”

The Navy develops this mission in order to show the activity and capacity of its ships as essential instruments of national security, “defend our maritime interests in the area (fishing, maritime traffic of hydrocarbons) and contribute to the prevention of conflicts in a region especially sensitive. In addition, the Navy participates in the strengthening of maritime security in other regions of the world and takes advantage of its deployments in Africa to make a presence and strengthen relations with as many countries as possible. ”

In fact, intense operational activity is maintained in Mauritania, Senegal and Cape Verde, and its action on the African coasts, coordinated with other Western countries, such as the United States, France, Portugal and Denmark, is supported by agreements with several countries of the area (Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa).

Spain frames its activities in the Gulf of Guinea within the scope of the European Union, where the defence ministers of Spain, Portugal, France and Denmark have agreed to increase maritime security initiatives in the region.

The Sentinel, with side numeral P-72, is the second patrol boat of the Serviola class and has a parking base in Ferrol.

The Sentinel, ready for the fight against piracy in Guinea

Its main mission at present includes the performance of operations of surveillance and security of the maritime environment in the spaces of national sovereignty. In addition, it collaborates and supports other public bodies in the control of maritime traffic, fishing surveillance and the search and rescue of castaways.



Source: La Voz de Galicia