The Search Continues For A Girl Who Disappeared In The Sea on Friday in Coruña, Spain

No progress has been made on the third day of work to locate Andrea Dominguez, devoured by the sea in the early hours of Friday.

As the sunsets, the hopes of the ninth day are returned the body of the young Ourense Andrea Dominguez were extinguished. About two o’clock yesterday afternoon, a call was received advising of the presence of objects floating near the Coruña beach of the Slaughterhouse. The search device, consisting of the Helimer rescue helicopter, the Maritime Rescue boat, the Red Cross boat, the A Coruña Fire Department and members of Civil Protection had just been suspended, but the firemen returned to recover to T-shirt of white color of which “there is no evidence that it belonged to the victim,” Carlos García Touriñán, coordinator of Seguridade Cidadá da Coruña, later stated. “People want to help, see something in the water and call us immediately,

Three days ago the warning was not for a sighting in the water, but it was also related to Andrea’s misfortune. A lady detected at midday that a young man had been contemplating the sea for a long time without caring about the intense rain with the lost look at the point where Andrea entered the Atlantic early on Good Friday after attending a concert with two friends. “We approached him, I think he was the boyfriend because I had seen him before, and in two hours we were not able to get him any more words than ‘no, yes and it’s okay.’

His fists were clenched and he stared at the sea without I told him to leave because he was soaking wet and only wore a sweatshirt, but he did not make a gesture “, says the Civil Protection volunteer who came to see what was happening to him. “We were afraid he could try a madness and that’s why we did not lose sight of him during all the time he was there,” he adds. Later he appeared in La Coraza, as the breakwater separating the sandy areas of Riazor and Orzán, a psychologist from the Local Police, is known, but he was not able to engage in conversation with Andrea’s friend either. He did not even get her to give him his name to find a crack through which he could sneak into the wall of pain.


“The boy was very affected, I thought I was waiting for you to leave and try to do something.” But the volunteers did not move until the boy turned around without saying anything to get lost in the city. It had been more than two hours. Agents of the Local Police also watched the scene through the security cameras to act in case of perceiving any unequivocal signal. They tried to follow their steps through the screens, but after a few minutes they ended up losing it.

Andrea Dominguez

The young Ourense’s uncle goes every day to thank the work of the search device

Until the Coraza, Francisco Domínguez, the young Ourense’s uncle, also approaches daily to the components of the search device for the effort they make to locate the body, often challenging the dangerous conditions of the sea. “He always comes to thank us and also spends many hours walking among the rocks in case he sees something,” says another Civil Protection member with family in Viana do Bolo.

Today it resumes searching. The components of the device are hopeful because they are usually the bodies of the drowned from the seventh day and the currents of the Corunna usually send them to the area of the Slaughterhouse or the Millenium. The search will be like yesterday by sea, land and air if the weather conditions allow it. They are aware that these days are fundamental to returning Andrea to her parents.