The Rescue in the Middle of the Ice that Moved US Scientists

It was possible thanks to the work of the Argentine icebreaker Almirante Irízar in Antarctica

Thank You Argentina for the rescue of our scientists. Your support is another sign of our lasting partnership and cooperation”

With these words, expressed through social networks the US Embassy in Argentina after it successfully carried out a rescue operation of five American scientists stranded in Antarctica.

This was possible due to the hard work of the crew of the Argentine icebreaker Almirante Irízar that after “a request for assistance from the US Antarctic Program to withdraw a scientific camp, in coordination with the Ministry of Defense,” says C ancillería de Argentina.

US scientists were doing research work on the Antarctic Peninsula on climate, but the strong presence of ice off Joinville Island, in the Wedell Sea, made everything complex. For example, this situation prevented that ship Laurence M. Gould of the United States could come to the rescue, something that ended up falling on the Argentine icebreaker.

“Today in the morning, the Irizar, with his helicopters, managed to withdraw the complete camp of five scientists with their cargo,” the Argentine Foreign Ministry reported in the latest through a statement.

In this icy camp there was a team of four scientists led by “Alexander R. Simms, of the University of California Santa Barbara, and an employee of the support base of the National Science Foundation were on the island of Joinville conducting research on the climate “, adds La Nación.

Rescue in the Middle of the Ice that Moved US Scientists

Although for many this action could be considered habitual and of order, for these people who were stranded in the middle of the ice it was only a reason for joy and gratitude before a situation that had a rapid response (although it was also reported that they had supply for several days and that were communicated with the external environment), a clear sign of cooperation between both countries before events that can turn into a real tragedy.


Source: Aleteia