The Real Story of the Tragic Wreck that Changed the Life of a Young Couple

The sea, always in the same place, and the stars, sung by the group Cala Vento, serves as an accelerated synopsis of the film “A la deriva”, which tells the incredible and tragic real story of a shipwreck. Tami Oldham was the woman who, along with her fiance, embarked on a sailboat to enjoy a romantic adventure sailing from Tahiti to San Diego. But, due to their lack of preparation and a series of negligences, what they found was a terrible nightmare that led them to sail at the edge of death.

The fact is that the young Tami Oldham (who plays in “Drifting” Shailene Woodley, the protagonist of ” Divergent “) and his fiancé Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin, from ” The Hunger Games “) did not know then that They were going to meet one of the most devastating hurricanes in history. After the storm, Tami woke up and saw the ship in ruins and Richard seriously injured. Without hope of being rescued, Tami had to discover the strength to save herself and the only man she had ever loved. Thus begins his new journey, an adventure full of love, perseverance and courage.

Tami Oldham Ashcraft wrote this adventure in the book “Red sky in mourning: A real story about love, loss and survival in the sea “, where he narrates the anguished events that he experienced during the 41 days after the shipwreck. The title makes a nod to the verse: “The red night sky delights the sailor. The red sky of the morning, the sailors catch the warning ». But in 1983, the wisdom of no sailor could have prepared Tami or her fiancé, Richard, to cross the hurricane that changed course and pounced on his small sailboat.

Ten years after the accident

Oldham wrote the book ten years after the accident, along with screenwriter Susea McGearhart, and it took four years to complete it. The screenwriters, Aaron and Jordan Kandell, immediately set their sights on preparing “Adrift.” “We discovered the story of Tami when we were writing a fiction film about an adventure of survival at sea. We took a very journalistic approach to the investigation, and immediately we came across the story of Tami, “says Jordan. “We stayed up all night reading the book. It’s such a powerful and emotional story that we instantly knew we had to tell it. We realized that his incredible real story was better than anything we could invent. The next day,

The Kandells travelled to Tami’s house in the San Juan Islands, where she shared her memories, diaries and photographs, offering them a much deeper, intimate and nuanced understanding of her love affair with Richard and her distressing experience at sea. «Tami is an inspiring woman and an impressive storyteller. For us, it was important not only to have her approval but also to work closely with her to represent her voice and her story in the most authentic way. ”

Relive the horror

When they were half filming, Tami herself visited the set. “It was incredible to finally meet her, but I was also very aware of how emotional the experience had to be for her, the trauma of being trapped in the sea. He is such a deep and strong person that he embraced the film without qualms. I hope you have also found peace through this experience, “recalls the protagonist, Shailene Woodley, in the production notes of the distributor.

“One of the first things he told me was: ‘You remind me a lot of him’, which was a very special moment for me,” says actor Claflin. “Having his approval was very important to me. The film is a delicate emotional balance on many levels: we were not making a documentary, we were making a film, but we are all human beings.

For Tami, the process of making a film about that tragic experience was something “emotional and surreal”. “It was a dream come true, to see all the hard work, dedication and attention that everyone had. And everything to tell my story. It was wonderful when Shailene raised her hand and said she would make the film; She is simply perfect and very thoughtful and generous. And then, when Sam also accepted, it was great. It’s strange how much he looks like Richard because he has that charismatic attitude that Richard had. I think the universe sent us Sam to play Richard. I was in contact with the Kandells intermittently for five years while working on the script. Baltasar was the only option regarding the director, not only for his training as a sailor and filmmaker but also because he is a kind and complacent human being. When I arrived with the sunset and saw Shailene and the ship Hazaña trashed, it was an incredible experience. Something hit my heart. The experience at that moment made me understand that I had a source of inner strength and a will to live that I had not recognized before.

The director, Baltasar Kormákur, is an avid lover of nature and to represent the terrible circumstances faced by the protagonists, he shot camera in hand as much as possible on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean. “Baltasar is, literally, a Viking. He is the man you would like to have in charge in a movie, especially one like this one. He is passionate about Mother Nature; therefore, he was in his natural environment. That’s why I think “Everest” was a wonderful movie: because it made the actors really live the experience. It was amazing and very valuable for Shailene and me to make our own trip, without pretending. It is a force of nature in itself, which not only wanted us to experience everything but also wanted to be there experiencing it with us. He is resistant and very patient, And it made everything seem so easy that I decided to do it myself too. He knew what he wanted, but he also left room for our contributions. Nor was he afraid to push us to the limit, because he knew we could. We all gave our best thanks to him, “recalls Claflin.

The Real Story of the Tragic Wreck that Changed the Life of a Young Couple

Throughout much of the film, Tami, Woodley’s character, who is a seafaring expert, attempts to bring the damaged boat to safety, even when she is seriously injured. Woodley was trained before filming to perfect his nautical skills. «I love to swim, water is something that I love. I had a lot of practice swimming, but none with navigation. I spent about a month before production in Hawaii learning how to navigate on different types of boats. When I arrived in Fiji, I sailed for about a month before filming began. ”

Mastering Tami’s seamanship was only part of Woodley’s preparation. Ashcraft was a great guide for Woodley and Kormákur. His book was the best guide. I read it a couple of times. I wanted to understand his perspective and his way of thinking, and the book helped me a lot. It became our basic scheme during filming: every day, when we were about to make a scene, I reviewed the book along with the script. We made reference to the scene of the book to make sure that we were being as truthful as possible, “recalls the actress.


Source: ABC ES