The Mystery of the Disappearance, Discovery and Death of the Lonely Seaman of the ‘Virgen del Mar II’

Balearic sailor found missing and was found alive in Algeria.

The events that took place in the Virgen del Mar II sailboat during the last few days may have taken them forever to the tomb of Joan F. Because only he, who was sailing solo, could tell what happened between May 17 and May 29. , the 13 days in which he was disappeared, he was found safe and sound in Algeria and, finally, he was found dead, lying on the deck of the yacht, naked and with a strong blow to the head. The Civil Guard is investigating, but everything points to the death was due to an accident, which slipped on the deck of the newly painted boat, according to sources of the armed institute.

The entrepreneur sailed from the area of La Lonja de Palma without any known path in the sailboat of a pole and about 16 meters in length that were his property and that dates from 1957. The ship, which was rented (12 people during the day, 8 at night: 6,900 euros for a week), he left the coast and, with him, the trace of his employer was lost.

The family gave the warning on May 17. There was no way to contact the navigator, because the mobile phone and the ship’s phone remained disconnected, as well as the radio beacon. The alert launched the search by Maritime Rescue and the Civil Guard.

The activation of the search made the call reach the Coast Guard of Algeria, who reported that the Virgin of the Sea II was in the port of Cherchell, in the Algerian province of Tipasa, and that the navigator was in perfect condition.

The mystery was solved and Joan F. reactivated the location beacon of the Virgen del Mar II. The mother of the navigator even published a letter of thanks to Maritime Rescue and the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard.

When it seemed that everything was in order and Joan F. returned home without incident, a call warned that another boat had sighted the sailboat adrift about 17.20 on Monday and that there was a body on the deck of the Virgen del Mar II. The ship was located and boarded. Officials who entered the sailboat saw that the surface of the sailboat was slippery, freshly painted and that the sailor had a strong blow to the head.

The Mystery of the Disappearance, Discovery and Death of the Lonely Seaman of the Virgen del Mar II

The first data of the investigation of the Civil Guard point to an accident, to which the solitary navigator slipped and gave a strong blow to the head that ended his life, when the man was alone on the high seas, between Ibiza and Mallorca.


Source: El Pais