The Mysterious Case of the Island of Japan that has Disappeared Without Anyone Noticing

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The Japanese authorities investigate the causes but speculate that it could be that the sea level is rising due to climate change.

Although it seems a horror story, in Japan the island called Esanbe Hanakita Kojima disappeared and apparently, no one had noticed such an event.

The Japanese authorities are investigating the probable causes that could have caused this unusual event, but so far there are no official reports.

There are some speculations that could respond to this eventuality, such as the increase in sea level due to the melting of the poles.

However, international scientists suggest that it could be a combination of wind and the impact of drifting ice.

According to the English media, “The Guardian” was a visitor who wanted to write about “hidden islands” who noticed this disappearance and reported it to the authorities.

No one had noticed that this small Japanese island disappeared as it was uninhabited and that it only rose five feet above the surface of the sea.

A member of the fishing association of Tomohiko Kihara, studied cartography to check the location of the island on a map and found that it was no longer visible to the boats that sailed in this area.

The island was located 502 meters from Hokkaido Island, north of Japan, in the sea of Okhotsk and had been registered on a map since 1987 and was at a height of 1.4 meters above sea level.

The Mysterious Case of the Island of Japan that has Disappeared Without Anyone Noticing

In 2014, the Japanese government gave the official name to Esanbehanakitakojima and another 157 islands that were uninhabited, thus delimiting the territorial waters with Russia.

To this set of islands, they are called as Kuriles.

The local fishermen remembered with nostalgia that in that area lay the island and that they normally avoided that area because navigation GPS indicated to them that there were marine reefs that could cause their boats to be shipwrecked.

This has not been the only island that has disappeared this year, last month an island in the Hawaiian archipelago was left under the sea after the passage of a hurricane Walaka.

Experts pointed out that this could be a foretaste of what is causing global climate change.


Source: Periodista Digital