The Most Resounding Fish: It Generates a Noise Louder Than the Takeoff Of An Airplane

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It could even damage the hearing of other animals.

The sounds of some animals are truly chilling. Whether to defend themselves or to exercise their dominion over others, there are species that do not hesitate to express themselves intensely. However, when looking for one of the noisiest animals in the world, you have to visit an unexpected place: The ocean. In different parts of the Gulf of California it is possible to find Cynoscion othonopterus , the ” Corvina del Golfo “. By itself, a croaker makes a noise that reminds us of the purring of a cat, but its banks are capable of exceeding 150 decibels , stronger than the takeoff of an airplane.

Any group of animals making noise can become unbearable. Personally I like pets, but listening to half a dozen dogs barking at four in the morning is not very pleasant to say (and at the same time, it is usually a sign that there are problems) . Now, which are the noisiest? Where do we start looking? One of the first examples that comes to mind is the herd of elephants, who do not hesitate to communicate their anger when something bothers them or scares them. But today we are going to explore another option, one that I calculate would never have occurred to you: A school of fish.

What you are seeing and hearing is Cynoscion othonopterus , the Gulf Corvina . Some specimens can reach 70 centimeters in length, and each spring they move to the delta of the Colorado River, synchronizing their spawning with the tides and phases of the Moon. A study published by researchers from the University of Texas (Austin) and the University of California (San Diego) reveals that the males of the Corvina del Golfo are the noisiest animals of the ocean. The sound of a single male when trying to attract a female reminds us in part of the purring of a cat, but in 2014 underwater microphones were used to obtain a more accurate record. The result exceeded the 150 decibels .

If we have to look for an equivalent on the surface, the most appropriate is the takeoff of a commercial aircraft. Scientists believe that such intensity could damage the hearing of other creatures, highlighting the sea lion and the dolphin .


Source: NeoTeo