The Most Mysterious Disappearances in the Oceans

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Human beings have sailed the seas even before finding the first civilizations. There have been thousands of cases of losses in the midst of the oceans throughout history, but with the emergence of modern communication tools finding the shipwrecked has become easier than ever. Nonetheless, disappearances continue to happen.

The most recent case occurred on November 15, 2017, when the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan disappeared four hours after leaving for a training mission. By that time, the boat would have been 430 kilometers from the coast. During the last radio signal from the submarine, the malfunction of the battery was reported, apparently caused by the water poured through the ventilation system of the ship.

Since then, there was no other sign.

In search of the submarine departed dozens of ships from different countries. However, the ARA San Juan was found only one year later, at a depth of 900 meters and 500 kilometers from the coast. On board were 44 sailors, including the country’s first female submariner, Eliana Maria Krawczyk.

However, some cases have never been resolved. Sputnik reviews the disappearances of the most well-known ships of the last century.

The Most Mysterious Disappearances in the Oceans

The sailboat Kobenhavn

The five-masted barge Kobenhavn (‘Copenhagen’, in Danish) was one of the prides of the country’s fleet until its demise in December 1928. It was used as a training sailboat and, in fact, of the 61 members of the crew that departed on their last trip, most were cadets.

It was built in 1924 in one of Scotland’s shipyards and by its time it was considered one of the largest, most modern and safest sailboats. His body was lined with high quality steel and he had his own electric and radio plant on board.

On December 21, 1928 he left the port of Buenos Aires in the direction of Australia, and since then there was no news about his whereabouts. The search mission lasted a year, but no trace was ever found. The sailboat simply disappeared.

The investigation commission came to the conclusion that the ship sank as a result of the insurmountable forces of nature, although it remains inconclusive why the crew did not have time to send distress signals.

The submarine S-117

The mysterious disappearance of the submarine S-117 Schuka (fish ‘pike’, in Russian) in December 1952, is considered the most mysterious case in the history of the Soviet fleet. The submarine served in the Pacific Fleet of the USSR since the mid-1930s, although it never participated in any relevant combat.

In mid-December 1952 the S-117 departed to exercises in which he had to play the role of a reconnaissance ship. The ship left without company and broadcast the last radio signal on December 15. The submarine simply disappeared without leaving any trace. No remains or fuel stains were found.

Its 52 sailors even today are considered as missing without a trace.

The USS Cyclops

Built a few years after the First World War, the USS Cyclops (‘Cyclops’, in English) was the largest military supply ship in the US fleet, until its disappearance in March 1918. On board the 170-meter giant was They found 300 sailors.

The ship was returning from a trip to Argentina in the direction of the city of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. After making a brief stop in Barbados, the USS Cyclops was about to cross the Bermuda triangle and since then nothing else has ever been known.

The rescuers could not locate wrecks, traces of fuel, evacuation boats, or the bodies of the sailors. There are many versions that try to explain his disappearance – from his kidnapping and sale, to a murderous wave – but for the moment none of them has found any material support.

The disappearance of the giant cyclops is considered the most mysterious case of the US fleet.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News