The Most Fearsome Submarine in the World, According to Chinese Analysts

According to Chinese analysts, the novel Russian submarine Borei of the 955 series is “an excellent means of deterring the enemy.” Also, the Chinese Phoenix means that the Borei outperforms the US submersible Ohio by its characteristics.

Experts note that the new generation of Russian submarines is different from their predecessors because they are quieter and have advanced features. “Borei is a giant vessel: its length is 170 meters and the displacement is more than 20,000 tons since it is especially silent, it will be even more difficult to detect.”

Also, the media indicates that the new Russian submersible has a great firepower: it has 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles R-30 Bulava, qualified by the Chinese experts as “an excellent means of deterring the enemy.”

In addition, at the bow of the submarine, there are 12 torpedo launchers that can also be used to launch anti-ship missiles. To avoid the pursuit of anti-submarine aircraft, the designers installed six anti-aircraft missile mines, Chinese specialists added.

The authors remind that recently Russia conducted some tests with the use of modernized Bulava missiles.

“Apart from the short range, the Bulava missiles have no disadvantages: the destructive power and the ability to overcome the air defence are at the highest level, each missile capable of transporting between six and 10 nuclear warheads, and the unpredictable trajectory of the flight. of the missile makes it invulnerable, “says the media.

Analysts note that this launch was a response from Russia to the increase of US troops in Eastern Europe. Recently, Washington has transferred a large amount of military equipment, including Abrams tanks, to this region.

The Chinese media explains that the Abrams is the main combat tank of the USA. It has an excellent shield since depleted uranium is added to it.

The authors remind that recently Russia conducted some tests with the use of modernized Bulava missiles.

“However, during military operations in the Middle East, the armour of this tank was destroyed by a manual anti-tank grenade launcher, which generated many doubts about its reliability,” the authors conclude.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News