The Largest in Asia Ship For the Creation of Artificial Islands for the First Time Went to Sea 

The largest in China, the earth’s projectile – the Chinese ship “Tiankun” for the work on the creation of artificial islands – first came to the open sea for a test voyage. This was reported on Saturday, the information portal The Paper.

“Tiankun” was projected by CCCC Tianjin Dredging, which also became an investor of the project. The ship was built at the shipyards of the Chinese shipbuilder Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry, which on November 3, 2017, launched it.

“This test voyage will be completed on June 11, after which the dredger will return to the harbour. Then, “Tiankun” will prepare for conducting [regular] bulk works, making some adjustments and additional adjustment of equipment, “Tianjin Dredging was informed in the CCCC. The company also noted that the vessel will promote the implementation of international projects in accordance with the initiative “One belt, one way”, contributing to strengthening China’s image in the world arena.

“Tiankun” was created entirely due to Chinese technologies, its construction began in 2016. In fact, the ship is a pump displacement of 17 thousand tons, which reaches 140 meters and is able to scoop up to 6 thousand cubic meters per hour. meters of sand and clay from a depth of 35 meters. It is highly automated, therefore, the work of the equipment, as claimed by the developers, is provided with greater efficiency than on similar vessels with manual control.

Before, the most powerful dredger in Asia was the “Tianjin”, designed with the collaboration of Chinese and German scientists. In an hour, such a vessel is able to extract 4.5 thousand cubic meters from the bottom. meters of loose and stony geological rock.

The Largest in Asia Ship For the Creation of Artificial Islands for the First Time Went to Sea 

Since the end of 2013, China has been carrying out large-scale hydrotechnical and construction work to create artificial islands in disputed water areas of the South China Sea, mastering their potential. This causes suspicion and criticism in some countries of the Asia-Pacific region. This is reported by Rambler.



Source: Maritime News of Russia