The Largest Base of the US Navy Was Threatened with Flooding

The main naval base of the Atlantic Navy of the US Navy in Norfolk, Virginia, threatens to flood, the media write.

The research company American Security Project placed Norfolk on the list of military facilities that are subject to the greatest risks due to climate change, RIA Novosti reports citing The National Interest.

According to the publication, since 2000 Norfolk has experienced much more flooding than before, and climate change assessment models have shown that this indicator will only grow and by 2100 the flood level will increase by 1.5 meters. Plus, a large number of powerful hurricanes are expected to arrive in the region.

The US Engineering Corps believes that one such storm can destroy the base in Norfolk and the associated infrastructure.

According to the magazine, the Navy may refuse construction in the most vulnerable parts of the base, but it will not be easy to protect the infrastructure in the conditions of saving money from the budget.

The Largest Base of the US Navy Was Threatened with Flooding

Recall, on May 4, the Pentagon announced its proposal to place a new unified command of NATO in the Atlantic region in the American Norfolk.



Source: Maritime News of Russia