The Israeli Army Destroys an Underwater Hamas Tunnel in Gaza

On June 3, the Israeli Air Force destroyed a Hamas tunnel that partially went under the seabed, “striking” the naval force of the Islamist movement, the military spokesman said today. Jonathan Conricus.

“The Israel Defense Forces attacked the naval elite of Hamas, as part of a campaign against their naval forces that we undertook a year ago,” Conricus announced at the beginning of a press conference referring to the “strategic” tunnel that Israel destroyed from the air a week ago and revealed today.

The tunnel entrance was inside a Hamas military base about three kilometres from the border with Israel” and part of it went under the sea bottom, “two or three meters deep,” said the lieutenant colonel.

“The unique thing about this tunnel is that it is the first one we discovered and destroyed that allowed the terrorists to leave their base and reach the sea without being seen,” the soldier added.

He also suggested that Hamas, a de facto ruler in Gaza since 2007 and considered by Israel, the European Union, the United States and other countries as a terrorist organization, uses sophisticated diving equipment that does not bubble, making detection difficult, and even some type of apparatus Amphibious propeller, since the tunnel extends “a dozen meters” offshore.

The military said that “for some time Israeli naval intelligence has identified the tunnel and has been monitoring it to understand its capabilities”, adding that they know that “either it was already operative or trained on it”.

The Israeli Army Destroys an Underwater Hamas Tunnel in Gaza

Conricus assured that Hamas tries to break the naval blockade to which the Strip is subjected since the Islamists rule and that the destroyed tunnel would have served them to carry out terrorist actions against Israel.


Source: La Vanguardia