The Debate Generated by a Biology Student’s Letter for the Rescue of a Stranded Whale In Argentina

Luz Olmedo disagreed with the attempt to rescue the cetacean and stressed that she had beached “to die”.  Your opinion generated responses of support and disagreement.

Despite the efforts that involved dozens of people and even meant the use of a crane, the whale that had washed up on a beach in Mar del Plata in Argentina died.

Attempts to rescue the six-foot and eight-meter-long cetacean were unsuccessful, as veterinarian Adrián Faiela explained to the official Telam agency, the specimen had fin injuries, suggesting “some previous pathology of standing”.

Once confirmed the death of the whale, a viral letter about this case opened a whole debate in the social networks of the neighbouring country.

Who wrote the text? This is  Luz Olmedo, who identified herself as a student of Biological Sciences and who assured that  “an animal stranded on the coast is not a spectacle, it is an animal suffering and fighting for its life”.

In the message the student also makes a criticism to those who tried to return the animal to the sea, since, as stated, the cetacean “had beaten for something” and that everything that happened generated unnecessary stress in his last moments: ” Your column so marked, and the failed attempts to return it were telling us the truth: I had beached to die, “he said.

“I was tired, ill, and not wanting to go on, Aquarium knew it, Fauna knew it, Civil Defense knew it, people did not want to accept it, the response of these organizations when we asked why they kept insisting on saving it if they themselves (mostly biologists) ) they knew that I was not going to survive was that they did it because of the pressure of the people, because letting her die in peace as she deserved meant that they went out to do it, “he added.

Although the young woman valued the concern and effort of the people, she asked to educate more about these issues, assuring that the end that the whale had was not adequate and that, even, euthanasia was a better option: “It costs a lot to reach People and break with the idea that dying naturally is wrong, much more than they understand that in some cases, the more unknown, the more dangerous and harmful our intervention can be, the animal died, and not peace as it should have been. “, he pointed.

The letter had different types of responses on Facebook, with some that support it and others that openly criticized the young woman’s position.

The sad end os a whale stranded in Arentina

“Honestly I am very sad for that whale, at first I thought that it was necessary to save it, but later I understood that it was necessary to leave it in peace”, said Pablo Zuladzinski. On the other hand, Sabrina Hernandez said that “it is very easy to talk with yesterday’s newspaper, at the time and in the place, there was no one directing, nor making decisions, only the goodwill and solidarity of the people”.


Source: Tele13