The Death Submarine; The Horror of Real Life Surpasses the Fiction of the Cinema

That the world is a horror everyone is already tired of knowing. Even an experienced journalist, with more than 30 years of writing, like the one who writes to you, is surprised by the news. There are reports that we read twice. Horror stories that seem to have been invented by some B movie scriptwriter, but which actually happened.
One such case, where the morbid reality outweighed the cinema, was the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall last year. Dead and quartered inside an experimental submarine, the UC-3 Nautilus, owned by the psychopathic inventor Peter Madsen.

Kim Wall was only 30 years old but was already famous in Scandinavia for the reports she had done abroad. That included matters in North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un, in Africa and the Pacific. His text on nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands was awarded by the German press. With a bright future ahead, Kim Wall would never imagine that he would find death in a banal matter, in peaceful Denmark, where he lived.

The city of Copenhagen was also home to millionaire inventor Peter Madsen. Madsen had built his own private submarine and projected a suborbital rocket, such as the Virgin Galactic’s Unity spacecraft. Interested in the subject, Wall marked an interview with him. Madsen replied that he would give the interview aboard his submarine, taking the reporter for an underwater tour of Koge Bay on the Danish coast. At the appointed hour, seven o’clock at night, she boarded the UC-3 Nautilus and was never seen alive again.

The submarine appeared stranded near a lighthouse, and its owner was rescued by the maritime police. He said he had left the reporter on a nearby beach, but she did not return home. When the police entered the submarine they found the compartments dirty of blood and a brush with red hair. That the DNA test proved that she was the missing journalist. Peter Madsen was arrested immediately and the police began searches to find out what had happened to the talented Kim Wall.

The Death Submarine
Two days later a fisherman made a macabre discovery. He found a female torso floating near the shore. A woman’s body without the head, arms and legs. In jail, the suspect changed his version. He said the reporter had died when a submarine hatch had hit her head. And how terrified he had tried to hide the corpse. Divers from the Danish navy made a thorough search at the bottom of Koge Bay and found what was missing. The journalist’s arms, legs and head.

All properly identified by DNA tests. A search at Madsen’s house revealed that he liked to watch horror movies where women were murdered. He also watched sex videos where one of the partners was suffocated. Last week the inventor was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment. The submarine remained, like a sinister relic.

For my generation, the submarines evoked fantasies and wonderful adventures. We grew up watching films like “Journey to the Bottom of the Sea” and “Twenty Thousand Leagues Underwater” and listening to the joyous Beatles song “Yellow Submarine.” Modernity has even killed these fantasies. One month after Kim Wall’s death the Argentine submarine Ara San Juan sank in the South Atlantic, killing the 44 crew and the dream of my childhood became a nightmare.

Kim Wall Died inside the Nautilus
Kim Wall, the poor woman, must have been a victim of these fantasies of a time that has passed. She embarked on that submarine thinking she was going to live an adventure worthy of a movie of “Journey to the Bottom of the Sea.” And found “The Massacre of the Electric Saw”.




Source: Diario do Vale

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