The Countdown Begins: The US Navy Already Knows When it Will Respond to China

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The US Navy has proposed that its Pacific fleet conduct an exercise of strength and military power in waters near China to warn the Asian giant that the US is prepared to deter and counteract any military episode, as CNN has learned from sources of the US Defense.

The proposal, which for now would be only a draft and totally confidential, would consist in carrying out a naval macro-operation during a week in November. The objective would be for this operation to be intensive. It would involve warships, combat fighters and marines to demonstrate that the United States can quickly counteract possible attacks from different fronts.

It would be an intense week in which the United States would want to send a clear message to China near its territorial waters of the South Sea. The Pacific fleet would operate near these waters and the Taiwan Strait to claim the right to freely transit international waters. Although China is the recipient, the high instances of the US Defense have indicated that there is no intention of entering into combat with the Chinese, underline the sources consulted by CNN.

While it is true that the US Navy usually conducts this type of operations throughout the year in the Pacific region, the proposal in question would imply that these exercises were concentrated in a few days and that they were many and intensive.

This operation could reach the west coast of South America, where China is precisely increasing its investments, according to CNN. If the proposal is approved, the operation could even reach the Russian doors, he adds.

The Countdown Begins: The US Navy Already Knows When it Will Respond to China

The intentions of the United States Navy are made public shortly after a Chinese military vessel forced a US destroyer to abandon the waters that the Asian giant claims south of the South China Sea.



Source: Mundo Sputnik News