The Corpse of a Man it is Found On The Beach of Castillon Spain

The Fire Rescue Group of the Emergency Service of the Principality of Asturias, aboard the medical helicopter of SEPA, has rescued from the sea the lifeless body of a man, 66 years old, who was floating, face down, about 150 meters, from the breakwater of the beach of San Juan de Nieva, in Castrillón, as reported by the Emergency Service of the Principality (SEPA).

The body of the deceased was recovered through several operations with the crane of the aircraft in which some 25 meters of cable were deployed in each one of them; first to go down to the water the firefighter-rescuer and then to rescue the victim. The Emergency Coordination Center of 112 Asturias received the notice at 19.51. On the call, they pointed out that they were seeing a person floating in the water face down. After the rescue, the helicopter landed on the breakwater where the doctor-rescuer confirmed his death. Previously a crew of SEPA firefighters based in the park of Avilés had a beacon and secured the area so that the aircraft could safely land.

The Civil Guard, advised from the outset as the Local Police, took charge of the procedures to proceed with the removal of the body. Room 112 of the SEPA mobilized the medicalized helicopter of Firemen with the Group of Rescue and activated, by land, a crew of firemen with base in the park of Avilés.

beach of San Juan de Nieva, in Castrillón

At the same time, the call was sent to the SAMU (Urgent Medical Care Service) and he reported what happened to the Civil Guard and the Local Police.


Source: 20Minutos