It will be in Navantia (Cádiz) where the complete retrofit of the Carnival Triumph cruise will take place, which will be renamed Carnival Sunrise after the transformation that will take place from bow to stern.

Carnival Cruise Line will invest 200 MUSD in transforming its cruise ship Carnival Triumph from spring to stern in the spring of 2019, which will include the re-designation of the ship to reflect the enormous transformation it will undergo.

The cruise will join the Sunshine class of Carnival and will be renamed Carnival Sunrise after two months of retrofit work that will take place in Navantia, Cádiz, starting in March. In this total renovation will be introduced characteristics of the ships of this same series, in addition to the reform of staterooms and gastronomic and entertainment spaces in a wide spectrum, which will provide new and stimulating passengers onboard experiences.

The renovation works include the redesign of the two luxurious cabins of the captain to include large windows that will go from floor to ceiling, as well as large balconies. They will be updated to offer interiors inspired by an island. Other areas of the leisure and relaxation vessel such as the spa and water sports area, restaurants, shopping area, and children’s spaces are included in this transformation of the Carnival cruise.

The cruise will enter the dike of Navantia on March 12, 2019, to make a work of similar magnitude to the one made two years ago on the cruise ship Disney Wonder.

While Carnival will be responsible for the whole remodeling and decoration of the interiors, hand in hand with its own subcontracted companies, the Navantia team will support all the logistics and carry out the following works: inclusion of ducktail, the steel of new covers that are going to be added as well as the steel of new cabins, the part of machinery, pipes, valves and all the mechanical part (stabilizers, shaft lines …).

This work will involve the generation of employment with the entry into Navantia of about 1,000 people a day. On the Carnival side, about 2,500 workers will pass through the shipyard. Carnival itself will make ferries available to all workers for their accommodation during the duration of the work.


The works will end on April 19, and after the renaming ceremony, Carnival Sunrise will return to service by the end of April 2019.



Source: Sector Maritimo