The Boat Called “Fallo” Crashes Into the Yucatan Reef

Profepa began the rescue of a fishing boat that ran aground on August 31 in a protected natural area known as Arrecife Alacranes.

The Federal Office of Environmental Protection (Profepa) initiated the administrative procedure for the stranding of a fishing vessel in the Arrecife Alacranes National Park, a protected natural area.  The fishing boat called Fallito ran aground on August 31, which was perched directly on the crest of the reef structure, northeast of Isla Pérez.

According to an inspection carried out, Fallito was dragged by a current and by the waves, so it affected an area of 24 square meters of elkhorn coral and in 16 square meters hydrocorals were detected that are subject to special protection.

At the time the damage was determined, no damage was detected in the hull of the vessel, which has not caused fuel spillage in the area.  The Profepa will proceed to establish the security measures and urgent application that consists of the immediate presentation of a rescue plan of the vessel to remove the fuel and all the hazardous materials or waste that it has on board and in its tanks.

The Boat Called "Fallo" Crashes into the Yucatan Reef

The Pérez Island, where the vessel is aground fallito, is located in the core of the protected area Alacranes Reef, which is also made up of dead or Desertora Island, Bird Island and Banished Island area.


Source: Milenio