The Aston Martin Submarine, Getting Closer and Closer to Production

That car brands are moving from being mere car manufacturers to becoming mobility firms is a fact. But that a brand like Aston Martin, focused on luxury and with the weight of the British and sports tradition behind it, has decided to embark on the manufacture of a submarine is, at least, surprising. And no, it is not an invention for future 007 agent films, but something for the real world.

Aston Martin and Triton Submarines, a company based in Florida (USA) have embarked on the unconventional adventure of designing and producing a submersible vehicle to cover distances in the deepest waters. And no, it is not the typical submarine that anyone has in mind, but one of the very compact dimensions, with an electric motor and designed rather for recreational use.

Both companies announced their collaboration agreement in September 2017 and, since then, they have worked hard to define the design of the machine. A phase that, they say, has already concluded.In these months hydrodynamics, exterior design and the structure and design of the cabin have been taken into account. Those responsible for the project were aware that to be worthy of wearing the Aston Martin logo, the submarine had to offer benefits, beauty and elegance. In the same way, to be an authentic Triton, it had to be safe, reliable and capable of offering a 360-degree vision to its occupants.

And so, little by little, the project is taking shape based on those premises. The two parties involved say that the most difficult thing was to resolve the interior of the ship, because it has nothing to do with, for example, the assembly of the interior of a car, which is made to open the body and before placing the doors. Here, first, the capsule is manufactured and then the pieces are introduced through the hole left by the upper hatch, which limits the entire process considerably.

However, the result is good and consistent with the philosophy of this submarine, which has turned out to be very Aston Martin also inside thanks to elements such as leather seats upholstered by hand or carbon fibre present in certain parts.

The submarine of Aston Martin and Triton still does not have a commercial name but responds to the denomination of Neptune project in its still early development phase. The vehicle in question is based on an existing model in the Triton catalogue but modified to improve its capabilities. Apart from the design, it arrives with an improved acceleration capacity and cruising speed thanks, we suppose, to a more capable battery in its electrical system.

The Aston Martin submarine, getting closer and closer to production

Up to three passengers – including a pilot – have a place in this curious submarine of very compact dimensions, although not particularly light (around 4 tons), which can go down to a depth of 500 meters to explore the secrets that the ocean hides. Little more is known about this curious invention that will be shown to the public already in its final phase at the end of this year and that it will begin to be commercialized at the beginning of 2019. On its price, if we bear in mind that the model from which it derives is the 3 million euros and to have the signature stamped Aston Martin is always a plus ?? Let each one fly his imagination.


Source: El Economista