The Arrival of a US Submarine to Gibraltar Amid Critics of Environmentalists is Announced

The British Ministry of Defense informed on Sunday, the arrival of the US submarine ‘USS John Warner’ to the base of the Royal Navy of Gibraltar in the framework of a ” scheduled visit ” that has raised criticism from the association Verdemar Ecologists in action .

In a statement issued by the Gibraltar Information Office attributed to the British Ministry of Defense it is indicated that the attack submarine, of the ‘Virginia’ class, is designed “for a broad spectrum of missions both offshore and offshore”. They add that the class ‘Virginia’ “was conceived as a less expensive alternative to the class of submarines of attack ‘Seawolf’ of the Cold War, and serve as replacement for those of the class ‘Los Angeles’, of which 20 units already they have been removed.

However, from Verdemar Ecologists in Action have spoken in another statement of the beginning of a “week of concern” with the presence of this submarine, which, according to the organization, the American Admiral Johnathan Greenert says it is “the warship more deadly and more high tech that we have in our inventory.” Verdemar points out that the ship is equipped “with twelve installations of cruise missiles ‘Tomahawk’ of high precision and with four tanks for heavy torpedoes MK 48″. Thus, they regret that the port of Gibraltar continues to harbor ” floating bombs ” in the area, and that “one step of more than 100,000 ships in danger due to collision, security – risk of threat due to attack -, radioactive leak, makes the Strait is put under a new threat.

US submarine USS John Warner

The presence of several cranes in the berth causes raised suspicion about the intentions of their presence in the Strait, and warn that there is no emergency plan before a nuclear accident, so that neither the citizens nor the Spanish administrations – Government, Junta de Andalucía and town councils – would know what to do in an emergency of the magnitude of an accident in the submarine”.


Source: 20 Minutos

  1. The US navy will always be welcomed in Gibraltar, Spain has no say in the matter as the sub is in British Gibraltar territorial waters.

  2. Gerry Bowler (Ex RN) March 27, 2018, 12:35 pm

    Why do we suddenly become concerned about SSN’s in Gib. I was on HMS Swiftsure when she berthed there, more than 40 years ago, (73 / 74). In all probability,it is far safer now than in the seventies.

    Gerry Bowler

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