The ‘Aquarius’ Disembarks 292 People Rescued at Sea in Sicily

Among the immigrants, there are ten minors and 90% are sub-Saharan with signs of torture.

The ship Aquarius landed yesterday in the Italian port of Messina to 292 people rescued from the sea during Holy Week, just two days after European maritime authorities prevented him from saving a hundred more and leaving them in the hands of Libyan coastguards.

Tired but with hope engraved in their eyes and in hundreds of smiles, the migrants descended in line one by one on the catwalk, helped by the staff of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and SOS Mediterranée, the two NGOs that chartered the only big vessel rescue that remains active in the Mediterranean.

The most radiant were a dozen children under the age of ten, happy to get ashore and happy with the toys the volunteers gave them.

The migrants were collected during Holy Week by the Aquarius in international waters off the coast of Libya, a country that has become the heart of the contraband mafias of people in the central Mediterranean.

290 immigrants in Sicily on board the rescue ship Aquarius

90% of those rescued come from countries in sub-Saharan Africa and show signs of torture and physical abuse in their bodies, as well as illnesses associated with having long been in unhealthy places, such as bed bugs and other parasites. Many of them revealed to Efe, in addition, stories of psychological abuse, mistreatment and sale of human beings along their journey, both in the countries of the Sahel that crossed in Libya.


Source: Diario de Sevilla