The Amazing Rescue of a Girl Dragged by the Current in Her Unicorn in Spain

On Tuesday, a Salvadoran Marine saved a 4-year-old girl who had been dragged by the current on Trabucador beach, Spain, in the Ebro delta, when she was sailing with a float.

When the parents of the little girl noticed the disappearance of her daughter, who was in the water with a float in the form of a unicorn, they immediately notified the emergency services at 14.10.

The current had taken the small sea inside, until finally at 15:45 it has been located trying to stay afloat a few meters from the float.

Upon receiving the warning notice, emergency personnel have put their devices into operation and Salvamento Marítimo has released the helicopter Helimer 220 from its base and also the vessel Salvamar Achernar from the port of Ràpita.

At 15.43, Salvamar Achernar located the float, without the girl on top, so that firefighters divers were also activated and the boats of Tortosa and Amposta joined the rescue, but in only two minutes they saw the girl swimming unharmed and they could pick her up and move her to Ràpita.


Alert for giant floats
The event occurred days after the platform ‘Canarias, 1500 km from Costa’ warned of the danger of using large floats at sea due to the displacement caused by wind and waves from the coast to the high seas. The boom started a couple of years ago and numerous celebrities were added to the networks hanging pictures with giant floats.

In a statement, the platform explained that this warning comes after several media in the United Kingdom have reported more than 20 rescues on the English coasts and after the announcement of the British authorities requesting that only inflatables be used in the swimming pools.