Thailand and the United States Carry Out Anti-Submarine Exercises in the Indian Ocean

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) and the United States Navy jointly conduct a five-day anti-submarine exercise in the Andaman Sea, part of the Indian Ocean.

The maneuver, which began on Wednesday, involved cooperative maneuvers designed to improve mutual capacity in the event of an antisubmarine war scenario while intensifying the exchange of information between the two marines.

During the five days of the exercise, the participants will conduct exchanges of experts in each aspect of the antisubmarine war, will focus on the monitoring of submarines in different conditions and will conclude with evolutions designed to incorporate the techniques learned.

The exercise includes the USS Halsey guided missile destroyer from the United States Navy, a Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine and a Poseidon P-8 military aircraft.

Meanwhile, the Royal Thai Navy sent the aircraft carrier HTMS Chakri Naruebet, the Khamronsin class corvette HTMS Long Lom, the Naresuan HTMS Taksin class frigate and the S-70B Seahawk helicopter.

Only three ships from Thailand officially joined in the exercise held in 2017.

The USS Halsey guided missile destroyer

The antisubmarine war is a branch of naval warfare in which ships, aircraft and other submarines are used to track, find and destroy underwater enemies.


Source: Vietnam Plus