Taiwan Performs Two Military Maneuvers in the East Simulating Chinese Attacks

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Taiwan today began military maneuvers in the east of the country, under the name “JE 107-2”, which simulates an attack by the People’s Liberation Army of China against military bases located east of the island. , informed the Ministry of Defense.

These military exercises follow other naval celebrations held on Monday involving Chengkung, Kidd and Lafayette frigates and destroyers, and respond “to the growing military threat from China,” said a statement from the Taiwanese Defense Department.

In today’s two-day maneuvers, the three armies participate, including the US F-16 fighter aircraft from the Chiashan air base, located in the Hualien district, in the east of the island.

The main objective is to check the defensive capacity of Taiwan in the event of an aerial attack and electronic warfare in that area of the island, said military experts in Taiwan.

On Monday, the naval maneuvers also included the participation of F-16 aircraft, which carried out missions to intercept enemy aircraft and simulated the defence against a Chinese naval and air attack.

The practices sought to test the capacity of the air and anti-aircraft defence of Taiwan in the east of the island, before the frequent passage of Chinese military aircraft and ships in the area.

Yesterday’s exercises included Lockheed Martin F-16 and Dassault Mirage 2000 aircraft, ALQ-184 electronic attack devices and tanks.

Taiwan performs two military maneuvers in the east simulating Chinese attacks

Taiwan and China have a dispute over sovereignty and an armed peace in the Strait of Formosa, where the Chinese warning of invasion weighs in case the island moves towards formal independence.


Source: La Vanguardia