Taiwan Monitors the Chinese Carrier’s Passage after Xi Jinping’s Harsh Speech

The Taiwanese military is guarding the Chinese carrier Liaoning that entered the Taiwan Strait, assured the Archipelago’s Defense Minister, Yen Teh-fa.

The entrance of the warship comes a day after the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, warned the authorities of Taiwan and the United States that the attempts to divide the Asian country “will face the punishment of history”.

According to the CNA agency, the Taiwanese minister said that the Chinese vessel entered the Anti-aircraft Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) after participating in naval maneuvers in the South China Sea.

Yen stressed that Taiwan’s forces are closely following all the regional exercises of the Chinese Navy.

Liaoning was last in this area on January 16.

The Taiwanese issue worsened after the US government approved last Friday a law that seeks to stimulate visits between US officials and the Chinese island.

China’s foreign minister has repeatedly said that the law contradicts the “one China” policy and can worsen the situation in the region, as well as create tension between Beijing and Taipei.

The law allows senior US officials to make official visits to Taiwan and encourages the office of the Cultural and Economic Representation of Taipei to cooperate with members of the US Congress and other Washington officials.

Taiwan Monitors the Chinese Carrier's Passage after Xi Jinping's Harsh Speech

China has repeatedly demonstrated against contacts between the US and Taiwan, whose independence is not recognized by Beijing, which claims that the island belongs to Chinese territory.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News