Taimyr Icebreaker Rescues Expedition from Polar Weather Station

The crew of the nuclear icebreaker Taimyr rescued the participants of the RGO Expo expedition from the polar meteorological station, the Atomflot press service reported on Friday.

Travelers planned on off-road cars to get from Norilsk to the most northern continental settlement in the world – Dixon, to set a world record.

“The expedition members stopped at the polar meteorological station Sopkarga and sent a request for help to Rosatomflot.┬áThe travelers’ letter stated that the weather conditions and the wheels of the cars damaged by the ice hummocks did not allow the car group to overcome the return journey on its own, “the words of the director of the shipping company Atomflot Andrei Smirnov are quoted in the message.

Nuclear Icebraker Taimyr

As a result, “Taimyr” took the travelers on board and brought to Dudinka port, and then returned to work to ensure the safe wiring of ships on the Northern Sea Route.


Source: Maritime News of Russia