Syria: This is How a missile Launches from a US Submarine. [VIDEO]

The tension between Syria and the West reached some of its most critical points on Friday when the United States, France and the United Kingdom bombed Syrian territory.

After this, images have been revealed that demonstrate the deployment of the Euro-American axis.

This time, the United States Fleet Forces Command has uploaded a clip showing the course of a Tomahawk missile launched from a USS John Warner model submarine (SSN 785) from the Mediterranean Sea.

According to a file from the United States Air Force, a Tomahawk cruise missile can reach a speed of up to 880 kilometres per hour in a range between 1250 and 2500 km.

In addition, it has the capacity to reach a height of 9,144 meters and a load of 34,000 kilos.

The structure consists of 10.4 meters high, 44.5 meters long and a wingspan of up to 41.8 meters.

On the other hand, it is specified that it should only be used in combat operations that are carried out within the territories of Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Elsewhere in the video, which has already shared several times in social networks, we see troops from the United States to coordinate the implementation of a bombing B-1, but has not wanted to publicize where it is located.

Yesterday the representative of Syria during his participation in the Security Council accused some neighbouring countries of cooperating with the attack on their territory, providing facilities such as the use of military bases from where the firing of the fire was perpetrated.


Source: La Republica


  1. i just hope that Russia and his allies will not respond to this. I just hope will won’t experience 3rd world war earlier than we expected. The diplomatic relation between UK, US and Russia has fallen flat.

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