This is How the Submarine Via Crucis in Argentina Commemorates the Holy Week Tradition 

Holy Week is a celebration of the Christian religion that commemorates the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ . Among the different celebratory acts, the processions stand out, but we can not leave behind a unique spectacle that has become a tourist image in the whole world : the submarine Via Crucis that is celebrated in the waters of Golfo Nuevo, Puerto Madryn, Argentina.

While the Catholic world remembers the footsteps of the Passion of Christ by land, thousands of others celebrate the Via Crucis under water in Argentina. This celebration was born approximately 15 years ago, as a project to unite the passion for diving with religious practice on such important dates in the Christian calendar as Holy Week.

Every Friday a group of divers carries a cross about five meters high , made of PVC pipes and painted simulating wooden trunks, by the sea in front of this city of Chubut, which has the title of National Diving Capital.

The procession makes its first part by land and runs through the center of the city accompanied by hundreds of faithful who fulfill the first six stations of Christ on Calvary. The next three take place at Comandante Piedrabuena wharf, where thousands of people await their arrival. It extends along the Roca waterfront with lighted candles that give an emotional frame to the night procession.

It is not from station 12 when this submarine Vía Crucis takes its maximum exponent since the cross is taken to the sea by expert divers making the rest of the underwater stations eight meters deep.

The cross also incorporates a lighting with submersible battery LEDs that allow you to follow your journey on the seabed. The priest in charge tells the path from the water through a hydrophone.

At the end of the ceremony, all attendees are usually offered a typical cup of mate mate.

submarine Via Crucis that is celebrated in the waters of Golfo Nuevo, Puerto Madryn, Argentina.   


First station: Jesus in the olive grove.

Second station: Jesus, betrayed by Judas, is arrested.

Third station: Jesus is condemned by the Sanhedrin.

Fourth station: Jesus is denied by Peter.

Fifth station: Jesus is condemned to death by Pilate.

Sixth station: Jesus is flagellated and crowned with thorns.

Seventh station: Jesus carries the cross.

Eighth station: Jesus is helped by Simon the Cyrene to carry the cross.

Ninth station: Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem.

Tenth station: Jesus is crucified.

Eleventh station: Jesus promises his kingdom to the good thief.

Twelfth station: Jesus on the cross, his mother and the disciple

Thirteenth station: Jesus dies on the cross.

Fourteenth station: Jesus is buried.

Fifteenth station: Jesus rises from the dead.


Source: Notimerica