Strong Images: a Fisherman Does a C-Section on a Shark and What He Found Will Surprise You

A fisherman performed a cesarean on a dead shark that he had caught by accident after observing that something was moving in the belly. The man did an improvised cesarean on the shark and from it, 98 babies came out, which he returned to the sea. Warning: The following images may hit your sensitivity.

The 46-year-old Australian, named Mathew Orlov, fished it off the coast of Victoria, Australia. He did not hesitate to grab a knife and open the belly of the animal. The operation lasted nine minutes, he explains. He assures that the shark was already dead when he got it into the boat and that it showed marks of being attacked by another larger shark.

“When I saw that something was moving in the belly, instinct told me to do something, I had never done anything like that, but I have been fishing enough to know that the offspring had to be removed as soon as possible,” Orlov said.

After rescuing the young and throwing them into the sea, Orlov cooked the mother and ate it.


Source: Mundo.Sputnik News

  1. Nice to know that you rescue a generation of the shark from destruction. Good job man

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