Strange Nine-Meter-Long Sea Creature Appears in New Zealand (VIDEO)

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The marine finding was made near a volcanic island. The experts baptized the creature as “unicorn of the sea

The deep sea still has mysteries to reveal. This time it is a strange creature about nine meters long that appeared near an Ilsa volcanic New Zealand and was baptized by experts as “unicorn of the sea.”

The videographer Steve Hathaway, 48, met with this being on October 25, near an island about 48 kilometres north of New Zealand.

“I always wanted to see one, I was more than excited, this is like finding something you’ve dreamed about for so many years, me and my friend Andrew Buttle were filming underwater images for a promotional video about the White Island of New Zealand when we find the sea creature , ” Hathaway told The Washington Post.

This mysterious animal is called pirosoma and is actually a set of thousands of zooids united. The term zooid refers to an animal that is part of a colonial community that functions as an organism. They are multicellular and have a structure similar to that of other solitary animals, published 20 Minutes.

The mysterious features of the pirosoma and its bioluminescent brightness make this animal a very special being. Some scientists call them “unicorns of the sea,” since they are like “an exquisitely soft feather boa,” the expert explained.

They can also be described as worms-like creatures, although in reality, they are much more related to humans: “I had never encountered a pyro-size of any size up to that point, I have been underwater a lot and I have seen many animals I know that nature does not wait for anyone, and I could not let this opportunity pass, when I realized that I was at the bottom of the ocean below where I was, I did not hesitate, ” Hathaway closed.


Source: ATV Play