Squid Throws Nasty Liquid At Fishermans Face

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The fisherman makes every effort to catch the cephalopod, which he accomplishes in a second attempt.

A video that has recently gained popularity in social networks, is the case of a fisherman who, in his attempt to catch a creature off the coast of St. Kilda, Australia,  leaving him inked.

Jarrad Edwards, the 35-year-old fisherman and his Casey Mitchell, can be observed inside a small boat. Edwards sees the squid at the side of the boat and makes every effort to catch it, which he accomplishes in a second attempt.

Still, when caught, the squid surprisingly launches a jet of black ink that slides down the face of Edwards, while his partner Mitchell cannot stop laughing.

Finally, Jarrad Edwards later commented that the squid had already inked the water in the first attempt to capture it, so he thought he was safe from his defensive system.


Source: Chispa