Spanish Submarine ‘Mistral’ Will Fight Terrorism in Mediterranean Waters

The submarine of the Spanish Navy ‘Mistral’ will fight terrorism during the next two months in Mediterranean waters as part of the operation ‘Sea Guardian’ of NATO, which will be led by Spain from next March.

The ‘Mistral’ has already set course for the Central Mediterranean to participate in the mission to fight terrorism and maintain knowledge of the maritime environment, as reported by the Defense Staff (EMAD).

The submarine has a crew of 67 sailors and will be participating in this operation for the next two months along with other NATO units to protect the maritime borders of the member countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

Spanish Sub Mistral

The group will be under the command of frigate captain Francisco Javier Vázquez Sanz, Commander of the frigate ‘Navarra’ (F-85), and will be formed by the Spanish frigate along with the Italian ‘Eolo’ and the Belgian ‘Louise-Marie ‘


Source: Europa Press Spain