Spain Hopes to Convert a Shared Base with the US into a Strategic EU Headquarters

The Spanish Minister of Defense, María Dolores de Cospedal, was convinced that the Rota Naval Base (located in Cádiz, southern Spain) is ready to become Strategic General Headquarters to exercise control of operations within the framework of the Common Security and Defense Policy of the European Union.

“Spain has the sufficient experience and solvency to face any challenge in this area,” said Cospedal during his visit to Rota, where the MILEX-18 exercises that since April 13 are completed for national and European authorities to know the project that seeks to convert the base into a community command barracks.

The Spanish minister affirmed that the Spanish project is “fully supported by her constant work in the national and multinational fields, as well as by the continuous collaborations that are carried out with allied countries and friends”.

“Being based on the Headquarters of the Naval Action Force, it adds a guarantee of success, since it has been certified on numerous occasions both nationally and within the framework of NATO and has been offered as a General Headquarters for joint operations. “, added the head of Defense.

The Naval Base of Rota, in addition to being the largest of the Spanish Navy, is one of the main strategic points of the US Navy in Europe, as it hosts some 3,000 US soldiers and the four destroyers that make up the naval arm of its missile shield.

During his visit to the base, Cospedal stressed that Spain was always a country “committed” to the common European defence and recalled that the Spanish Armed Forces currently participate in the six international operations deployed under the EU flag.

Spain Hopes to Convert a Shared Base with the US into a Strategic EU Headquarters

“We are the first contributor to the Security and Defense Policy, permanently contributing surface and air resources, together with critical capabilities such as Special Operations or essential troops in the headquarters,” he said.

In addition to the project to host the Strategic General Headquarters, the Spanish minister offered the candidacy of Rota to host the command of Operation Atalanta of the European Union against anti-piracy in the Horn of Africa.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News