Socorre With a Rowing Boat to a Fishing Boat About to Run Aground in San Cibrao

The boat that had been left without a motor ended up towing it to port the Salvamar Alioth.

A combination of chance, decision and experience have prevented this morning the wreck of a small fishing boat in San Cibrao. Around ten o’clock in the morning the boat of minor arts A Correa ran out of engine when he worked near the coast, in A Mariña Lucense. Also, without a battery, his only crew member could not ask for help with VHF. With bottom swell dragging him against the rocks, he called the former San Cibrao’s patron, Vicente Vázquez, on his cell phone. When he saw from the coast the imminent risk of sinking, and knowing that there were no boats nearby, Vazquez ran to the port, threw his 2.5-meter long boat into the sea, and rowed to A Correa.

The nearly seven-meter-long fishing vessel was in distress near the port, to the southwest. When the former major employer arrived, he threw a rope at him to help him. Bogando could only contain the drift of the ship towards the rocks. On the phone, Vázquez asked 112 for help, which put him in touch with Salvamento Fisterra. He says he could only explain what was happening and where they were. If he stopped rowing, A Correa would end up against the rocks. He broke the line and the sailor threw another.

In a zone of basses that Vázquez knows, he continued bogando, but the sailor was preparing to jump from the fishing boat because he feared the worst. About twenty minutes after Vázquez began to assist A Correa with paddles, the boat Salvamar Alioth arrived. Sailing on rocky slopes and with little draft, he approached the fishing boat, threw a mooring and managed to tow it to the port of San Cibrao. From the ground, attentive and prepared if necessary, the professionals of the Supramunicipal Emergencies Group of Cervo and personnel of 061.

A board of the ship A Correa worked its owner, a neighbor of Xove who knows the former senior employer of San Cibrao because, among other things, it was towed on another occasion when a rope was hooked on the propeller, but then with its motorized fishing boat. Vicente Vázquez assumes that he phoned him because he knows he is now retired. His quick reaction, the luck and the subsequent intervention of the vessel of Maritime Rescue with base in Burela avoided on March 1 a shipwreck in San Cibrao.


Source: la Voz de Galicia