A Sick Crew Member Was Evacuated from the Vafa-2 Vessel in the VKMSK Area

On January 16, 2013 a report was received from the Astrakhan MRCC, that at 21:45 on January 15, on board a Vafa-2 dry cargo vessel, the owner of the Sea Pearl Line Shipping company, the home port of Enzeli, the Iran flag, the next Anzali-Astrakhan flight in ballast, in area 142 km.

Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal (VKMNC), the state of health of a sailor born in 1991, a citizen of India, deteriorated sharply. Preliminary diagnosis, based on the available signs, is determined after consultation on the radio by a CTMC doctor – a stomach ulcer, hospitalization is necessary.

The icebreaker “Captain Chechkin”, the owner of the FSUE “Rosmorport” AF, approached the Vafa-2 motor ship at 22:10 on January 15 with a shipboard doctor on board. Astrakhan MRCC

At 23:30 on January 15, the icebreaker took the patient on board and proceeded to the port of Olya for delivery to the hospital. At 4:50 on January 16, the patient was transferred to the ambulance.


Source: Maritime News of Russia