Shipwreck Threatened to Sink in the Elbe-Havel Canal

From a ship that was stopped by the water police in the Elbe-Havel-Kanal at Burg, pollutants escape. The leak is a mystery.

After the water police noticed an increase in pollution of the Elbe-Havel canal, the cause was found: a motor ship loaded with almost 1000 tons of coal. Between the castle and Parchau, the ship in the amount of the company Gilde concrete is examined by the police.

The problem with the mission: It was not clear where exactly the leak is in the ship and how big it is. A crane lifted a total of 150 tons of coal from the motor ship, which was to bring its black cargo from Hamburg to Berlin. “The ship threatened to sink, so we had to get some of the cargo off board,” said Wolfram Stukenberg, head of the volunteer fire department Burg.

The leak was suspected in the cargo hold of the ship. “It is clear that more pollutants leaked when the engine was running,” says Christian Krams. Therefore, the ship should be made lighter, so the charge is completely removed from the ship. Subsequently, a measure could be to tow the ship into a shipyard and to look for the leak in the dry state and to repair it.

In addition, it was unclear what pollutants the oily colored streaks had left in the Elbe-Havel Canal. “We do not know yet whether it is oil, diesel fuel or a coal mixture,” says Police Superintendent Krams. The samples were sent to the laboratory, the results will not be available for several weeks. The Wasserschutzpolizei emanates from diesel fuel. The colleagues of the fire department have the Oil film removed on the water to avoid oil contamination.

Armin Wernecke, a member of the Central Elbe Biosphere Reserve, says: “In such cases, the low flow velocity in the Elbe-Havel Canal could be an advantage, as it will not carry the pollutants as far as the Elbe would “For the body of water, the riparian zones and living organisms, harmful substances or fuels always cause damage,” says Wernecke.

Claudia Leaking Barge

There were no disturbances in shipping on the Elbe-Havel Canal despite the accident.