Shipping Companies Spend Money on Paper in the Digital Age

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The time of big data, universal inclusion in the Network, the time of the Internet of things has come and offers tremendous opportunities in terms of business efficiency, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. However, not all sectors of the economy use these newly discovered opportunities in full. In particular, representatives of the shipping industry are still wondering how to get the most out of digitalization.

An analysis of consumer preferences among maritime carriers shows that shipowners, for the most part, have rather weak ideas about the benefits that digital technologies in general promise and big data technology in particular. About this edition of tells the manager of the company Global Navigation Solutions Haley van Liuven.

“Ship companies continue to buy navigation maps and charts as they did before the digital navigation era. In other words, a great variety of both paper and electronic cards are kept on ships, just in case. But this is all the money thrown away on information that may never come in handy, ”says van Liuven.

Shipping Companies Spend Money on Paper in the Digital Age

According to her, ship companies are stubbornly following this path, although now any card that is really needed in a given transportation can be obtained by entering an access key, which can be sent by email to the ship within 10 minutes. In addition, there are Pay as you sail (PAYS) services that provide permanent access to navigation maps.

Naturally, all these services are not free, but, as Hayley van Liuven argues, using them will surely save shipowners thousands and thousands of dollars annually.



Source: Maritime News of Russia