Ship Seized With Garlic, Illegal Cargo from Haiti; Four Prisoners Detained

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The Dominican Navy seized four men who were transporting a shipment of 125 bags of garlic from Haiti aboard a ship that was wrecked in the area known as Los Siete Hermanos, in Monte Cristi. The event happened on Sunday.
Francisco José Silvestre, Francisco Antonio Veras, Juan Bautista Ortiz and Jonathan Amézquita Soriano, are under investigation at the Naval Intelligence Directorate M-2, in Los Mameyes, Santo Domingo Este.

The report says that the vessel Ramón Silveria capsized when hitting rocks.

The occupants of the ship, whose owner was identified as Jamil Walter Macdougal, were rescued by a yacht that at the time of the accident was in the vicinity.

Later, a Navy coast guard who patrolled the place arrested the four men and seized the cargo of 125 bags of garlic.

Immediately the detainees and the cargo were taken to the post that operates in Paroli, Monte Cristi and from there transferred to Santo Domingo.

After the interrogation of detainees in the M-2 Naval Intelligence Directorate, they will be brought to justice for contraband merchandise.

There are four vessels detected in recent weeks by the Navy in Manzanillo and Monte Cristi, with contraband garlic.

Ship Seized With Illegal Cargo... Garlic; Four Prisoners Detained

The general command of the Navy said that it has redoubled the surveillance and controls in all the maritime points of the border and in the other national coasts, to counteract the illicit actions and eradicate them in a definitive way.



Source: Hoy Digital