Ship of Pacific Fleet “Nikolay Vilkov” Conducted Training for Landing

The crew of the large Pacific Fleet assault ship “Nikolay Vilkov” fulfilled the task of delivering personnel and combat equipment to the landing ground near Cape Klerk in Primorye.

As the press service of the Pacific Fleet informs on Sunday, the training was held in preparation for the test tactical training of the Maritime Combine of the Pacific Fleet.

Also, the sailors of Nikolai Vilkova together with the units of coastal troops in Desantnoy Bay near Vladivostok conducted an exercise to arrange loading of BTR-82A armoured personnel carriers, BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled artillery systems, as well as landing and landing by the method of resting on the unequipped coast.

Ship of Pacific Fleet Nikolay Vilkov Conducted Training for Landing

In training, more than 20 units of military equipment and about 100 servicemen were involved.



Source: Maritime News of Russia