Ship Leakage in Santos Came from ‘Fecal Deposit’

Tank valve did not work well and gave rise to leakage. The vessel had operations interrupted by the authorities.

The oil that leaked from a ship at the Port of Santos, off the coast of São Paulo, on the afternoon of Tuesday (6), came from a fecal dumping tank of the vessel. According to the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama), the company will be fined for what happened.

The first spots in the vicinity of the Brazilian flag carrier Marcos Dias docked at warehouse docks 21 and 22 were noticed during the morning. The Docks Company of the State of São Paulo was activated and executed an environmental emergency plan to try to contain the damages.

According to federal environmental agent Ana Angélica Alabarce, the leak is already contained and started from the valve of one of the tanks. “The valve was not sealing and therefore the leak. It protected a tank used for fecal dumping of the vessel but had already been contaminated by oil from another tank by means of an internal fissure.”

According to the agent, the largest amount of product poured into the sea was oil. “There is a possibility that water has leaked from this tank, but it has not harmed the environment and will not reach the beach. In addition, untreated water is treated inside the vessel itself,” he explains.

Teams from IBAMA and the Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo (Cetesb) were also informed of the incident. Initially, Cetesb estimates that up to 50 liters of oil have leaked from the vessel.

To contain the leak, containment and absorption barriers were introduced around the vessel, which discharged salt load. By order of the São Paulo Ports Authority (CPSP), IBAMA and Codesp, all operations on the ship were suspended until the situation was contained and standardized for damage assessment at sea.

Leakage hits ship docked Port of Santos, SP

According to the environmental agent, the company will be fined for the leak. The amount of the fine has not yet been stipulated.