She Is Searching for the Highest Waves in the World… and it is Ready to Face Them

The kitesurfer Gisela Pulido, ten time champion of the world, has since this Sunday a new challenge: to surf the biggest waves on the planet. The Catalan athlete travelled last week to Peahi in Hawaii (United States) where she surfed her first giant wave that is known as Jaws.

According to team sources, the first contact of Pulido has been satisfactory and will continue a few days of training before surfing this particular area of the Big Vawe Challenge.

In the record section, since last January the Portuguese surfer Hugo Vau broke the world record to crown the Big Mama wave, about 35 meters high and the largest in the history of which is recorded in this sport.

The feat was achieved in the North Beach of the Portuguese municipality of Nazaré and knocked down the record that defended since 2011 Garrett McNamara that in 2011 surfed on a wave of 23.77 meters on the same beach.

She Is Searching for the Highest Waves in the World... and it is Ready to Face Them

The last media participation of Gisela Pulido took place last summer when in the Bay of Santander she played the Movistar Challenge with Marina Alabau, bronze medal in London, and the 49er crew formed by the world champions Támara Echegoyen and Berta Betanzos.


Source: Expansion