Seoul Starts Maneuvers to “Defend” Islets in Dispute with Japan

South Korea begins maneuvers to practice the protection of the archipelago, whose sovereignty the dispute with Japan, before an unlikely attack of the Japanese.

The two-day military exercises will begin this Monday on the rocks of Liancourt in the East Sea, called Dokdo by Seoul and Takeshima by Tokyo. These maneuvers will involve six warships, seven aircraft and a unit of the South Korean Marine Corps.

These are routine maneuvers to practice the defence of Dokdo, which are carried out to prevent an invasion by foreign forces,” said the spokeswoman of the South Korean Ministry of Defense, Choi Hyun-soo, quoted on Monday by the French agency. of news AFP.

Some 40 people, mostly police officers, inhabit these volcanic rocks, which are geographically closer to the Korean peninsula than Japan.

The announcement comes shortly after South Korea and the United States agreed to suspend the war games that were held annually near the borders of North Korea.

Seoul Starts Maneuvers to Defend Islets in Dispute with Japan

An achievement achieved by Pyongyang in the process of reconciliation in the peninsula and after the summit of Singapore, held last Tuesday between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


Source: Hispantv