Semar’s Oceanic Patrol Will be State-Of-The-Art Mexico

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The Long Range Oceanic Patrol (POLA) of the Navy Secretariat of Mexico will be equipped with state-of-the-art detection systems, THALES and INDRA brands, as well as a comprehensive HERMESYS communication control system.

Likewise, it will have a RAM-2 surface-to-air missile system from the Raytheon brand that includes an advanced control section and radio frequency for the self-defence of the unit.

The foregoing in order to strengthen the maritime presence of the Institution and carry out long-range search and rescue operations, maintenance of the rule of law and national security.

With the THALES and INDRA systems, the vessel will be able to detect and analyze the presence of ships and aircraft, through radar signals within close proximity during its operations to determine the type of platform and its level of threat; In the same way, with THALES technology, it will be able to detect the presence of submarine or semi-submersible vehicles. Likewise, it will provide the necessary information to support the decision making of the crew, alerting them about risks and threats during the development of the different operations.

It should be noted that the HERMESYS system is the integral communication control system based on the Internet Protocol, which will result in expedited, safe and efficient communications.

In addition, the Long Range Oceanic Patrol (POLA) will have the world’s most modern self-defence armament of the Raytheon company, consisting of RAM block II surface-to-air missiles, and MK54 antisubmarine torpedoes, with advanced control and receiver versions. improved radiofrequency.

It is important to point out that the main reason of this Institution is to safeguard the national sovereignty and security, for this reason, it is promoted, within its attributions, the innovation of its surface units with technologies that allow it to be strengthened in order to comply efficiently to his mission and attributions.

It should be noted that this surface unit will have the following characteristics: length (length) of 107.14 meters (width) of 14.02 meters, displacement (weight) of 2 thousand 570 tons, maximum speed of 27 knots (50 km / hr); its propulsion will be combined diesel-mechanical and diesel-electric, and will have an autonomy (ability to stay) of 20 days at sea.

Semar's Oceanic Patrol Will be State-Of-The-Art

The construction of the Long Range Oceanic Patrol is integrated to the Permanent Substitution Program of Ships of the Navy of Mexico and in continuation to the Marine Sectoral Program 2013-2018, in which the promotion of the maritime development of the country is contemplated. naval industry.



Source: La-Prensa MX