Selfie On The Seashore Ended In Tragedy for two Caliños Who Traveled to Chile in Search of a Future

The events took place in Arica, north of the southern country, where the youth made a stop before continuing with their route to Santiago.

Two young Cali women died in Chile after suffering an accident on the seashore in Arica. Your loved ones, who now face this tragedy, are doing the procedures for the repatriation of the bodies.

Carlos Jair Balanta Caicedo and Kevin Andrés Gil Campo,22 and 19 years old, respectively, had travelled by bus to Chile in search of new opportunities. His goal was to reach the capital, Santiago.

“They travelled to look for fortune, like the dream of anyone who travels to another country, to look for a decent job. They were young, they were already studying, they had finished their school, they were studying something technical, “said Araceli Restrepo, aunt of Kevin Andrés Gil.

The first stop in Chile was in Arica. The young people came to this area to take a picture on the seashore and that was when the tragedy occurred.

“They, without knowing about this, got too close to the edge, they were taking a selfie, they slipped and a wave, the waves were very strong that day, they dragged them and took them to the sea,” said Kevin’s family member.

The bodies of the youths were found and identified a week after the tragic accident. Their relatives say that they never went to the sea.

” If it’s not a beach for tourists, but for surfers, they should have it marked by all the parts, where one as a tourist can read,” said Luis Alberto Aramburo, uncle of Carlos Balanta.

the seashore in Arica

After several days in search of help for the repatriation of the bodies, the families decided that one of them stays in Chile, where their mother lives, and the other body will be brought to Cali with funds collected by the family.

“With the whole family, with the people who are collaborating with us, with our friends and the process is being done,” Araceli Restrepo noted.

“The mother has already made the decision to leave it there in Chile because I think it is much more economical,” said Aramburo, meanwhile.

These two young people had a friendship for several years. One of them studied engineering, while the other was about to graduate as a physiotherapist.

The body of Kevin Andrés Gil Campo will arrive this week in Cali, where his family will give him his last goodbye.


Source: Noticias Caracol