Seized Two Tons of Marijuana Very Close to an Island in Panama 

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Interagency cooperation and a fluid communication with the authorities in the neighbouring country was fundamental to alert of the presence of 5 people sailing in a “Pangua” or fishing boat to the Panamanian coasts.

An operational deployment advanced by the Aeronaval Service of Panama and the Drug Enforcement Agency DEA led the captain of the powerful Zodiac vessel to where the drug traffickers were.

The individuals who were followed by air and sea tried to unload the cargo by throwing the sacks into the sea before crashing the boat against the cays in the Punta Coco sector where they were arrested.

More than 30 people from the special forces surrounded the boat while others with the help of expert divers extracted the packages from the turbulent waters.

In total 2.123 kilos of marijuana were found, at the same time in the boat very close to the rudder was found an assault rifle that would be used to protect the cargo of pirates who are seizing the drug that transits the Pacific coast.

Seized Two Tons of Marijuana Very Close to an Island in Panama 

Citizens all of Colombian nationality tried to reach Panama on a trip that lasted more than a week to deliver the plant substance to an organization who derives it in small quantities to send to North America.

The procedure culminated with the transfer of the captured and the drug to the judicial offices where they will be prosecuted for marijuana trafficking.


Source: HSB Noticias