Seized; 417 Kilos of Cocaine On A Container Belonging to an Uruguayan Company

How involved in the maneuver is the company that loaded the container to Belgium is part of the investigation that is open.

On Friday 7, 417 kilos of cocaine, valued at more than 24 million dollars, were seized in a 40-foot container with 368 packs of cocaine hidden in bales of wool in a container belonging to an Uruguayan company whose final destination was the port. from Antwerp in Belgium, the risk control and management manager of Customs, Fernando Wins, told a press conference.

It was the largest cocaine seizure in the history of the port of Montevideo.

How involved is the company that loaded the container in this maneuver is part of the investigation being conducted by the Specialized Narcotics Prosecutor in charge of Dr. Mónica Ferrero. In fact, three of the people who are formalized with preventive detention, who had no background, were part of the operators of the logistics chain, said Wins.

Since there is no cocaine production in the country, the route of the drug, the path that followed to reach Uruguay, is also being investigated, he explained.

All customs declarations go through a filter that determines which is the review channel of each one. It can be a red channel, with a physical and documentary review, orange that corresponds only documentary and green, which means that it is released.

In this case, the export was identified with the red channel. Therefore, it corresponded to physical revision. What happened was the Customs official did not fulfill her task. For that reason, it was formalized with substitute measures for the omission of its duties. But so far has not been found to have “no link” to the maneuver, explained the manager.

The operation began with the receipt by AFIP Argentina of an alert with information about the possible existence of contaminated merchandise on a ship that had passed through the port of Zárate, Wins said.

From the investigations carried out by the National Admirals Office and the National Navy, it emerged that there were no containers on board the ship with the characteristics mentioned in the alert. Therefore, it was decided to request the information of the containers that were to be loaded on the vessel in question at the port of Montevideo.

From the analysis of that load, two containers were selected to be controlled through an X-ray scanner. Subsequently, it was decided to open both loads, and cocaine was detected in only one of them.

Seized; 417 Kilos of Cocaine On A Container Belonging to an Uruguayan Company

Asked why the shipment was not enabled to continue to detect in Antwerp for whom the drug was going, Wins replied: “If we had a high suspicion for that type of merchandise and let it continue, then it happens that the news ends up being left drug from the port of Montevideo or that the port is unsafe. ” “I think you have to give certain guarantees as a country,” he reflected.

So far in 2018, 1,050,955 kilos of different drugs have been seized by Customs, which means a record in drug seizures in that period. Marijuana brick (596,600 grams), cocaine (423,385 grams) and amphetamine crystals (27,620 grams) are the drugs that have been confiscated the most.


Source: ECOS Latino America