See This Video of the Helicopter Crash of the Mexican Navy in the Upper Gulf of California

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The Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico informs the public that during the activities carried out by this institution in the commitment to maintain a presence in the upper Gulf of California, for support in matters of conservation of the vaquita and combat to illegal fishing, among others, an aircraft of the Mexican Navy crashed in the vicinity of the Gulf of Santa Clara in the Upper Gulf of California.

Based on the information available at the time, an MI-17 Helicopter from the Mexican Navy, which was carrying out maritime surveillance work in the Gulf of Santa Clara, suffered a collapse this afternoon. In this helicopter 12 passengers were transported, of which nine are out of danger, which was already rescued by fishing boats and the Mexican Navy that were in the area, while two more are in a delicate state of health, is already taken to San Felipe for immediate medical attention; likewise, the Regional Search and Rescue System was established with all available surface and aerial units for the location of an item that has disappeared.

It is noteworthy that this Institution appreciates and recognizes the prompt and timely response of fishermen who supported the rescue work for our naval personnel, likewise, the corresponding investigations will be carried out to determine the causes that could have caused the accident.

The Navy-Navy Secretariat of Mexico regrets the accident and will provide the necessary medical attention to the naval elements, as well as confirming its commitment to maintain operations in sensitive areas such as the Upper Gulf of California and continue contributing to the eradication of illegal activities in waters national


Source: Noticias Chihuahua MX