See These Incredible Photos of the Underwater World

The world’s most incredible underwater images have been revealed, including a close-up of an angry crocodile.

More than 6,000 photos were entered for the contest in 17 categories, from macro close-ups to wide-angle shots, with two Britons claiming gold medals.

One of them was Tom St George, who won gold in the Wide Angle / Marine Life category with his image of an American crocodile at Banco Chinchorro, Mexico, so close you can count your teeth.

Photos of the Underwater World1

Tom said: “This is one of the largest species of crocodile, although not particularly aggressive.”

British compatriot Christopher Llewellyn also won gold in the Wide Angle / Wreck category for the frightening staircase on the MV Karwela warship in Gozo, Malta.

Photos of the Underwater World2

Spinning around the diver, this huge school of fish in Mexico harvested Jason Sintek from the Turks and Caicos Islands with Gold from Wide-Angle / Divers.

Photos of the Underwater World3

And this incredible snapshot of a mouthful of jawfish in Indonesia won the gold medal for China’s Chun Zhou in the Macro / Close-up category.

Photos of the Underwater World4

Chun said: “He has hundreds of new lives in his mouth. It took four dives to find him and then wait for this image. ”

But not all the winners were obviously dramatic images, with some of the most delicate ocean creatures captured on camera.

Chun also won a silver in the Macro / Swim section with a strange shiny octopus in the Philippines that looks like an alien.

Photos of the Underwater World5

But the winner of that category was Suzan Meldonian of the United States with the photo of a rare fish 180 meters deep off the American coast.

Photos of the Underwater World6

She said, “This is one of the few existing images of this larval form of a fish tripod.”

“It is a creature from the depths, originally found 4570 meters deep in the Fossa das Marianas.”

“I discovered it on a dive with dark water at a depth of 180 meters in the Gulf Stream.”

This beautiful image of a shark- whale seen from above in Indonesia assured Tracey Jennings of Singapore gold in the Wide-Angle / Natural Light category.

Photos of the Underwater World7

And divers in the crystal clear water of a cave in Tulum, Mexico, won the Yuping Chen of China silver in the same category.

Photos of the Underwater World8

Tal Mor, the owner of the website that runs the competition, said: “Winning here or just being ranked, is the most coveted prize in Underwater Photography because it confirms that you have succeeded in the most competitive environment against the greatest talents of the moment. ”

“We are very proud to have a steady stream of new talent coming.”

“Our goal is and always was to promote young talents and give them a platform to showcase their photos and launch a career as underwater photographers.”

“One of our medals is the reward for all the hard work they have in pursuing these excellent photos in remote destinations.”

“Each of them competed against 6,380 subscribers to be ranked this year.”

Other finalists came from all over the world, including Belgium, Thailand, Cayman Islands, Spain, Bulgaria, Norway, Germany, Brazil and Romania.

Other images in the category “in your face” included this common sea turtle in Australia, photographed by Aussie Mark Gray from the same country, who won bronze in the Wide Angle / Close Focus category.

Photos of the Underwater World9

A runner-up in this category was this strange fish with the mouth fully opened by Kerim Sabuncuoglu from Turkey.

Photos of the Underwater World10

In the In / Out category, which features photos half in and half out of the water, the silver medal went to Italy’s Massimo Georgette with another American crocodile, this time in Cuba.

Photos of the Underwater World11

And winning this category was Jerome Mirande from France with his beautifully framed photograph taken off the coast of his homeland.

Photos of the Underwater World12

But what underwater competition would be complete without a shark?

Tanya Houppermans from the United States won a silver medal for this photo of a lemon shark under the sunlight of the Bahamas.

Photos of the Underwater World13

Finally, to prove you do not even have to get wet for an underwater photography contest, Pierre Mineau of Canada has won silver in the De Top category with a photo of a dolphin boat in Micronesia.

Tal Mor added: “This photography contest is the oldest and one of the most prestigious online.

“Every January, a panel of judges selects the best images from our online photo contest of the previous year.”

“Medals of gold, silver and bronze are awarded to the top three in each category by order of merit.”

“Many other internationally acclaimed photographers have launched their photographic careers here over the years.”

“The judges are composed of industry professionals. They are unpaid, not affiliated and, of course, they cannot be competing in the competition. ”


Source: Epoch Times