Seattle Is The First City in the US to Ban Straw

Restaurants will have to use disposable biodegradable products; otherwise, they will be subject to a fine.

Using plastic straws and cutlery in bars and restaurants is already banned in the city of Seattle, after a rule to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans came into effect on Sunday.

Seattle is believed to be the first big city in the United States to ban plastic straws and cutlery in the food service, The Seattle Times reported.

We recommend: Mexicans invent avocado seed straws Seattle’s public service provider said a decree of 2008 has gradually eliminated the presence of several plastic products from the food industry.

Businesses can use degradable cutlery and straws. Cutlery and other plastic objects cannot be recycled and go to the ocean, contaminating the water and damaging marine life, activists said.

Seattle Is The First City in the US to Ban Straw

Businesses that do not comply with the new measure would face fines of up to $ 250.



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